• Question: Did u always want to be an engineer and why?

    Asked by Coogan05 on 2 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Miray Yasar

      Miray Yasar answered on 2 Mar 2021:

      I always wanted to be an engineer because I was inspired from my dad who is also an engineer. We were fixing the things together and I was so enthusiastic about being an engineer.

    • Photo: Alan Diaz

      Alan Diaz answered on 2 Mar 2021:

      Not at all.
      As a kid I wanted to be a football player and an astronaut.
      As a teen I wanted to be an artist (writer, music) and a hacker.
      As a young adult I wanted to be a writer and a physicist.
      Throughout the years I always studied math and literature, from primary school all the way to college. I always liked math and literature. Then I realised that engineering is more a set of skills that you learn in order to help you solve problems or answer questions by thinking logically. As I’ve always liked solving problems (from detective mysteries to actual physics problems) I opted for engineering and now I do it as a job! On the side, I continue to write and to play music, so I manage to do the things that make me happy too!

    • Photo: Beth Macaulay

      Beth Macaulay answered on 3 Mar 2021:

      I didn’t always want to be an engineer. In primary school, I wanted to be a painter, a chef, and a magazine editor when I grew up. In secondary school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to be but I knew I liked science. Then I ended up doing chemistry in college, where I worked on a really interesting project. I was given an opportunity to keep working on that project and get a Master’s degree in engineering. I had never considered being an engineer before at all, but then I learned that engineering is a really broad term that can include many different areas of science. Engineering is mainly about problem solving, and that is something I have always enjoyed.

    • Photo: anon

      anon answered on 3 Mar 2021:

      I didn’t decide to become an engineer until I was in my Leaving Cert. year. Even then, I couldn’t decide whether to do mechanical engineering or civil engineering until the last minute! I decided to become a civil engineer and I am glad that I chose this path. My career guidance teacher told me that engineering might be something I would be good at. When I was thinking about my future career when I was in secondary school, lots of ideas crossed my mind. For a while I wanted to join the army! Then I thought that I might do dentistry. There was a time when I thought about completing a degree in languages too. Since qualifying as an engineer, I went back to college a few more times. So, no matter what you decide to study after secondary school, there are always ways to continue education or change the direction of your career at any stage.

    • Photo: Melusine Pigeon

      Melusine Pigeon answered on 3 Mar 2021:

      Growing up I was really not sure about what to do as a job.
      I had different ideas:
      – Archeologist
      – Helicopter pilot
      – Clock maker
      – Florist
      – Detective
      I suppose that, except if you know already an engineer, being an engineer is not something that is current to have in mind as a kid. The work of engineer is so diverse that it is difficult to apprehend at a young age.

    • Photo: Jun Lin

      Jun Lin answered on 3 Mar 2021:

      I had the idea of becoming an engineer since middle school because I really liked science/engineering subjects. I felt technology is the main way to improve life quality and I should go down this route.

    • Photo: Mubashir Husain Rehmani

      Mubashir Husain Rehmani answered on 3 Mar 2021:

      Yes, I always wanted to be and besides this, I am also a scientist, recognized internationally. Ranked # 1 in Ireland in Computer Science.

    • Photo: Peter Megyesi

      Peter Megyesi answered on 3 Mar 2021:

      To be honest, I never really knew what I was going to work. I knew the salary was good and I liked solving puzzles (think quizzes, Lego, computer games that make you think) so I thought why not give it a go? 🙂

      But then, it turned out that it’s not that hard really. I think mostly because nothing is hard if you enjoy doing it. There might be challenges but you’ll look at them like you would at defeating a tough opponent in a game: it’s just fun beating it.

    • Photo: Erika Duriakova

      Erika Duriakova answered on 3 Mar 2021:

      I didn’t always want to be an engineer. I started to think about the engineering degree when I was in secondary school after my math teacher suggested to me that I might really enjoy some math related field. And so shortly after finishing my secondary school I started to study computer science.