• Question: Hi I hope you are all keeping well, Did you get anything wrong the first time ( did you ever have to try multipull times )? If so what mistakes did you make?

    Asked by Elsie O`C to Konstantin, Jun, Iman, Conor on 9 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Jun Lin

      Jun Lin answered on 9 Mar 2021:

      When I just got trained to do electrical measurements, I misused my measurement gear often. I had to use extremely delicate probe needles which could be only seen clearly under a microscope. It was very easy to bend it. That was the kind of things that went wrong often when I was a learner. Everything needs practice. It doesn’t matter if anything goes wrong – the important thing is that I learn from it and throughout multiple trials and errors, I’ve become experienced.

    • Photo: Konstantin Grygoryev

      Konstantin Grygoryev answered on 10 Mar 2021:

      Hi Elsie

      Yes, in research you get plenty wrong the first time. Most experiments we do have to be repeated, often more than once. Also, a lot of the instruments we build are prototypes, meaning that they are not perfect and often don’t work exactly as we want. This means we have to change them a bit after testing. But this is OK, this is how we learn and do better next time.