• Question: I use pygame python and Java to write code scripts.it’s quite fun.I like it but I’m wondering on a scale on 1-10 how much do u like Java python pygame and all that! I absolutely love it it was kin’s of hard for me at the start and probably for you.

    Asked by Adam is cool to Peter on 18 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Peter Megyesi

      Peter Megyesi answered on 18 Mar 2021: last edited 18 Mar 2021 10:11 pm

      I’ve heard about pygame but haven’t used it myself so it would be unfair for me to rate it.

      My thoughts however, around how to get started with/improve your coding are the following.

      If you started out with pygame than that’s just perfect! Python is a great and very versatile language. I personally used Java more but I think it’s a bit less relevant for you right now. (Great e.g. for server-side coding but less for games or robots, websites etc. and also the trend is moving away from it.) Something similar with python that I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on when you try: https://www.codingame.com/

      I slightly prefer recommending Scratch (either with games or robots) as an intro tool because I think it’s a bit easier/more intuitive. However, the fact that you liked pygame means that you are getting more than just the very basic concepts already. Which means that I’d also recommend stepping up a level. You could definitely do that by solving more challenging problems in pygame, just for your own fun. My advice though: try other things/languages too + look for people to try/share them with.

      Coderdojo.com is for example a great way doing the latter.

      Programming robots is always nice because you have something that you can touch, instruct and see how it behaves in real life. There are loads of bots out there that you could try Lego mindstorms are certainly one of the most advanced but also quite expensive. Consider https://www.makeblock.com/mbot/
      instead which works with python and is as much fun but cheaper. Or again, just check what’s the closest dojo to you, they might already have robots there.

      Hacking with raspberry pi is another great craic and you can do that with python too

      Later then,
      https://exercism.io/ is a brilliant site if you’d like to take a tour in other languages (or later if you are studying one specifically).
      And there’s lots and lots more, see https://www.dreamhost.com/blog/best-online-resources-learn-to-code/
      and at times you might feel like you don’t know where to continue, but the best advice I think I can give you really is just to think about what kind of stuff you enjoy most, then look for ways to do that or programming languages to do it with (and not the other way around). Good luck!!