• Question: Is being an engineer stressful at times

    Asked by arms23ted on 23 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Alan Diaz

      Alan Diaz answered on 23 Mar 2021:

      Yes! But it is not different from any other profession.
      The causes of stress are usually related to the inability to understand and to solve problems; also the number of projects that you need to take care of; or even the people that you work with!
      Engineering or not, you need to learn how to deal with stress in life!

    • Photo: Jun Lin

      Jun Lin answered on 24 Mar 2021:

      Yes but it is normal when there is new things that I’ll have to learn very fast. It is a process of becoming more expert.

    • Photo: Beth Macaulay

      Beth Macaulay answered on 26 Mar 2021:

      Yes it can definitely be stressful! But most jobs are, and it life would be kind of boring if your job was always easy. If you like engineering, then even the stressful moments are fun and engaging 🙂

    • Photo: Andrea Federico

      Andrea Federico answered on 28 Mar 2021:

      As every other job being an engineer can be stressful sometimes, especially when it comes to deal with deadlines. So you can definitely have some hard times but, if you like what you are doing, it is not going to be that hard overall.