• Question: What is a recent medical device that you have created an antenna for and what are the benefits

    Asked by mk009 on 17 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Alan Diaz

      Alan Diaz answered on 17 Mar 2021:

      Unfortunately I haven’t worked with such cool projects; but some people at the research centre that I work at actively work with antennas, and some with medical applications, you should checkout the website to find those projects: https://connectcentre.ie

    • Photo: Jun Lin

      Jun Lin answered on 18 Mar 2021:

      I haven’t been involved in any projects that actually build a real device in real world application so far. My work is focused on research on novel materials that can make future electronic devices work better. I’d like to see that one day that the materials that I make will be used in daily life.

    • Photo: Melusine Pigeon

      Melusine Pigeon answered on 18 Mar 2021:

      Hi mk009, thank you for your question. It is exactly my field 🙂 Currently, I am working on 2 different wireless medical devices. The first one, will be placed in the pulmonary artery to measure the blood pressure directly in the artery. The benefice here is that we will have a blood pressure very close to the heart and we can detect there very early stage cardiac issues. Because it is placed inside the artery, it would have been very dangerous to have a wire going from the device to the outside of the body to get the data from the sensor (giving the blood pressure). So to remove the wire we are using wireless communication, and for that the best option for the body is to use electromagnetic field to transmit the data. An antenna is the component which transforms the electric current in electromagnetic field. So an antenna is added in the medical device to be able to transmit the data outside the body.
      So that’s one, The other one is a bit more atypical. I am designing a medical device for cows. The aim is to be able to assess their health all along the day. For that we are developing a contact lens which will be placed on the cow’s eye. This lens will allow to get information about health by sensing the tear fluid and transmit these data to a distant computer. This device will be non-invasive for the cow, which is grand.
      If you want to know even more about it don’t hesitate to ask more questions.
      I hope it helps 🙂