• Question: What is the most successful way of finding and preventing Cancer

    Asked by Jamie.w12 to Peter, Konstantin on 3 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Konstantin Grygoryev

      Konstantin Grygoryev answered on 3 Mar 2021:

      Hi Jamie

      Doctors mainly use 4 different ways of finding cancer in the body. Some cancers release specific substances into the blood and can be detected using a blood test. If doctors are unsure, they can ask a surgeon to do a biopsy. This is where a small piece of an organ is cut out and sent to the lab to be checked under the microscope. Another way is called Endoscopy. This is where a very small video camera is inserted into the body so doctors can find tumours by just looking. Finally, cancer can be detected using Diagnostic Imaging. This method uses either magnetism or X-Rays to make 3D images of the body, making it possible to see tumours.