• Question: what is your favourtite part about your job

    Asked by alice_2010 on 27 Feb 2021. This question was also asked by Emily, mere23may, isabel b, mk009, KatieG, GraceH.
    • Photo: Beth Macaulay

      Beth Macaulay answered on 27 Feb 2021:

      My favourite part is probably that I am literally learning every day, and that every day is different. I’m a research student, and when you’re doing research you spend a lot of time reading papers/articles/textbooks about different topics that are related to what you’re researching so that you can learn as much as possible. Then, in the laboratory, you try to use what you have learned to try improve whatever it is that you’re working on. So every day you are trying out different techniques, using different materials, etc., and then you look at the results and see what you get. Sometimes the results can be unexpected and challenge you to come up with something different, and sometimes you get surprised by good results! By the end of your project, you write up a paper explaining everything you have learned and then you share that information with the science world, so that other scientists and engineers can learn from you.

    • Photo: Sergii Kushch

      Sergii Kushch answered on 27 Feb 2021:

      My favorite part is probably that I am can create new ideas and their implementation ways and that new useful for people things will be created by using these ideas. Sometimes results of your thinking may be other than you planed. It is perfect too because this expands our understanding of the world and help in a future work.

    • Photo: Conor Ryan

      Conor Ryan answered on 27 Feb 2021:

      We use Artificial Intelligence to help people solve all sorts of different problems. To do this, we work closely with them to understand what they are doing, and it is fun and exciting to work with experts from completely different fields. Sometimes we end up working together for months or years, and often end up being great friends even though we work in completely different areas and have different backgrounds.

      For example, although my background is Computer Science, I now work with the Limerick Cancer Research Centre helping them figure out how best to treat Hodgkin Lymphoma (a type of cancer). I’ve learnt loads about what they do and they are fascinated by what I do, so our meetings are very exciting. If this all works out then the work we’re doing will help save people’s lives.

    • Photo: Siddra Maryam

      Siddra Maryam answered on 27 Feb 2021:

      In my job I like two things a lot. first is meeting new people, get to know them, work together and discuss interesting things. second is try different new experiments. There are many different phenomenon around us that can amaze anyone. Being a physicist I can understand the reason behind those phenomenon and try different experiments regarding them in the lab.

    • Photo: Melusine Pigeon

      Melusine Pigeon answered on 27 Feb 2021:

      My favorite part of the job is when I finally find the solution to a problem I am stuck with for a long time. It is very rewarding to solve something by yourself.

    • Photo: Helena Mylise Sorensen

      Helena Mylise Sorensen answered on 1 Mar 2021: last edited 1 Mar 2021 8:31 am

      The favorite part of my job is the interaction between studying and learning something new, and then being able to test if it will apply in real life! Sometimes things turn out complete different from what you expected though, and you have to find out what actually happened, kind of like a science detective. I also love that I get to work with and meet so many brilliant people, who are just as passionate about their fields as I am mine!

    • Photo: Rizwan Gill

      Rizwan Gill answered on 1 Mar 2021:

      I am curious by nature, I always look forward to performing experiments and analyze data to see results. So from Eat, Sleep, Repeat, the engineer life turns into Test, Analyze, Repeat 🙂

    • Photo: Jun Lin

      Jun Lin answered on 1 Mar 2021:

      My favourite part of my job is to “grow” materials (used for electronic devices). We use techniques that can make these materials grown at extremely thin level down to just a few nanometers (one millionth of a millimeter). We can even monitor the growth and when we are satisfied with our products we will then try to publish the results and share with other scientists.

    • Photo: anon

      anon answered on 1 Mar 2021:

      As a civil engineer, my favourite part of my job is the huge variety to the work that I do. No two days are the same! Meeting different people and helping communities are also very enjoyable aspects of my work. My job is a great mix of indoor office work and outdoor site work. The office part entails reading emails, making phonecalls, looking over designs, managing the budgets and planning the works. The outdoor aspect of the job involves the carrying out of inspections on construction projects, meeting people to solve issues, checking health and safety on sites and making decisions to ensure that works are carried out correctly. It is very rewarding to see projects being completed and knowing that the work that you do is helping people and communities. Being a civil engineer is very exciting!

    • Photo: Erika Duriakova

      Erika Duriakova answered on 1 Mar 2021:

      My favorite part of my job is that I get to travel and meet people from all parts of the world! This creates excellent opportunity to build diverse teams with people from wide range of backgrounds.

    • Photo: Alessandra Mileo

      Alessandra Mileo answered on 1 Mar 2021:

      I really enjoy being continuously stimulated by new ideas, new questions that science and technology has not answered yet, new possible ways of solving them that nobody has tried. When I talk with colleagues and students about them, or read a paper or a new blog post from some sources I follow, I can feel new ideas popping up and cannot wait to try them out!

    • Photo: Sita Karki

      Sita Karki answered on 1 Mar 2021:

      Hi Alice, Favourite part about my work is to present our work at conferences and interact with other people around the world. We publish our findings and review each others work; by doing that we are always learning.

    • Photo: Alan Diaz

      Alan Diaz answered on 1 Mar 2021:

      My favourite part about my job is to discuss problems with m colleagues to find solutions to them!
      As researchers, we spend a big part of our time in “defining” problems. For example, we talk about “what is the problem that we are trying to solve?”, “why do we want to solve it?”, “has anyone else tried to solve that before, if so, what did they do?”. This is a lot of fun because most of the time there is no “one” right answer, and that’s when you get go be creative! Plus, if you really don’t know how to solve a problem, you need to learn how to do it, and that’s when you learn a bunch of stuff (which is also fun).

    • Photo: Miray Yasar

      Miray Yasar answered on 1 Mar 2021:

      I like learning new things. When I find a solution for a particular problem, I become so excited and proud!

    • Photo: Peter Megyesi

      Peter Megyesi answered on 2 Mar 2021:

      For me, there are two things that stand out:
      1) when you discover something: it might be the solution to a problem, or a better way of doing something and
      2) when you explain/show/teach something to someone that they didn’t know before: the moment when you see they got it and their eyes light up 🙂

    • Photo: Aruna Chandrasekar

      Aruna Chandrasekar answered on 2 Mar 2021:

      The favorite part of my job is the opportunity to learn. Being a scientist you are constantly focussing on self-development and getting to the basics. It is more of a lifestyle than a job for me.

    • Photo: Mike Hinchey

      Mike Hinchey answered on 2 Mar 2021:

      I think the best thing is that it varies so much. There are normal, uninteresting, even boring days like in every job. But most days are different … new things to do, new things to learn about, new people to meet.

    • Photo: Hui Wang

      Hui Wang answered on 2 Mar 2021:

      it’s hard to choose the favorite part! I like solving problems, discussing with colleagues, interacting with students.

    • Photo: Begum Genc

      Begum Genc answered on 2 Mar 2021:

      This is a tough question – I don’t know how to point out only one answer to this! 🙂 Let me give a few:
      – I absolutely love the flexible working hours of working as a researcher in academia.
      – Being able to work on different subjects is.. just.. amazing. If I discover a new topic related to my area and have time, then there is no reason to not work on it.
      – I also love interacting with the students. Trying to support them in their learning curves and seeing them succeed… so satisfying!