• Question: what was the most challenging code you had to write?

    Asked by Sir Sam to Peter on 3 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Peter Megyesi

      Peter Megyesi answered on 3 Mar 2021:

      One of the biggest challenges is always the unknown. With any profession really, but with coding it frequently happens: you have to use a new piece of technology almost on a daily basis.

      I think my biggest challenge was when there were multiple pieces of the puzzle which I haven’t seen or used before. They were either really new or older but not used by many. Thus, I did not have much information about them and had to figure out loads of things by myself to make them work together efficiently…

      It was about building an app that can connect to wearable sensors, track patients movement, analyse that and provide feedback on how they are doing (e.g. getting better or sicker).