Welcome to the Kilogram Zone!

In March 2021, school students will connect with engineers across Ireland in this general engineering zone.

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In the Kilogram Zone, students can:

  • Ask engineers about… well, whatever they like
  • Connect with them through live, text-based Chats
  • Vote for their favourite to win €500!

The Kilogram Zone is funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

Each person is doing something different and fascinating in the world of engineering. Who will you vote for? Meet the engineers.

Deep in a basement in Paris, in a vault that needs three keys to open, is THE kilogram. Known as the international prototype kilogram (IPK), this block of platinum-iridium is how we define the measurement. There’s some controversy around the kilogram, however, as measurements over the last century have shown that the IPK has lost about 50 micrograms – about the weight of a grain of sand. Because of this, since 2005 members of the International Committee for Weights and Measurements have been discussing other ways it can be defined.

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