• Question: What are a few different inventions engineers make or problems engineers can solve ?

    Asked by Cillian O’Callaghan on 25 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Bhaskar Dhariyal

      Bhaskar Dhariyal answered on 25 Mar 2021:

      In my opinion, it would depend on what domain you are looking into.
      Let’s talk about a few here.

      1. Medical
      Have you ever seen that ECG machine on TV/Movies which goes bleep bleep bleep, it used to monitor the heart-beat of a patient. Or even a Stethoscope, which ever doctor carries around the neck.

      2. Sports
      Now, there are many sensors that are used to improve the performance of athletes.

      3. Phone
      It solves the problem of communicating with your friends.

      Look around you, almost every physical object that you can hold is an engineering invention and serves a purpose. One of my friends write blog about some of these: https://www.invisiblegenius.in/

    • Photo: Alan Diaz

      Alan Diaz answered on 25 Mar 2021:

      The opportunities are endless!
      In my domain I have built programs (software) that help modelling optical networks.
      I have friends that have designed wrist-band sensors to detect old folks falling; others have designed materials to build the airfoils (airplane wings) that are better than what is being used today; others have designed algorithms that help process X-ray images to detect cancer! In any case they needed a STEM-like preparation to be up to the job.

    • Photo: Beth Macaulay

      Beth Macaulay answered on 25 Mar 2021:

      Hi Cillian! There is an infinite amount of things you can invent as an engineer! Pretty much everything that has ever been invented is the result of some kind of engineering. Medical devices, computers, mobile phones, comfy chairs, cars, supportive shoes, video games, VR, exercise equipment, bridges, buildings, rocket ships, glasses – literally the possibilities are endless. Engineering and science can be an incredibly creative field, and its all about taking an idea and creating something physical out of it. And there are always problems to solve, everything can be improved. Its super diverse.