• Question: Why decide to move to cork¿ was it for work reasons¿

    Asked by alice_2010 to Begum on 19 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Begum Genc

      Begum Genc answered on 19 Mar 2021:

      Yes, I found a fantastic PhD opportunity in Cork with a great professor. To be honest, I have never heard of Cork before that position 🙂 After living for a few years here, I fell in love with the city. I can walk to my office in 25 minutes, the people are always kind and fun, the life here is much more relaxed, the landscape is unreal. There is so much potential for tech companies and research. Additionally, if I want to visit other countries or my home, I can easily do so by taking a flight. So, away from the hustle and still close to everything: the people’s republic of Cork 🙂